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Friday, January 22, 2010

The welcome packet

We start shooting in 10 days.
today I am helping write the Baryo Survival Memo, which means recommending restaurants and where to get a massage, and how to take a tricycle into Tagbilaran. 

For the rest of the welcome package, besides the survival kit memo, I know there will be other documents, like stuff from accounting and the AD's. The meals memo should be here too.

It would be good to include the Location maps and some notes that give  a little orientation like

"Welcome to Dauis, Panglao Island. Panglao poblacion (town) is on one end of the island and Dauis poblacion (town) is on the other. Dauis is connected to Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol by two bridges. The bridge closest to our hotels leads directly to the cathedral and plaza in Tagbilaran. You'll use this bridge most of the time.

The other bridge is closer to Dauis church and crosses to Bohol east of Tagbilaran. You won't use this bridge much.

Tagbilaran City is what you see across the bay from the hotels.For all shopping and almost all restaurants, you will head to Tagbilaran.

Most of the shoot is in the baryo of Toril in the barangay of Maribojoc. To reach Toril we cross the bridge and drive through Tagbilaran and north. The trip takes 30 minutes without traffic and there is always traffic at rush hour."

I remember how long it took me to learn where the heck I was when I looked out the van window.

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  1. It is so great to have someone show interest in the Philippine /American conflict. It is an untold story that has fascinated me since high school.I am Filipino of mixed origin. My father came here in 1936 from Poland and settled here. I am working on a story from the very same period in Philippine/American history. Are you familiar with the Culion leper colony? This is a story about an American soldier in 1900 who becomes the first American inmate in this seemingly hopeless place and his epiphany/redemption.