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Friday, January 22, 2010

Home improvements

Do you love my new header page? My sister Marta begged for the change. This carabao is the guardian of the big acacia tree which took a long time to find. It is the landmark in the scene where RAFAEL leads the US Army on a wild goose chase.
We didn't see him at first. Cooper remarked on the big smear of mud on the trunk of the acacia and said it was made by a carabao rubbing against it.
I guess we heard a snort. We turned around and there he was, neck deep in a wallow that was sunk into the hillside.
Tabi-tabi, po. Salamat for being the guardian of our blogsite.


  1. I like the idea of rotating the header image as the
    project evolves.

    Keeps it fresh.

  2. I love the photo. And your girlfriends miss you too. Can you translate the tagalog words you use here? you know I love a new language

  3. I love him (her?)! Rainer is very excited about meeting some tarziers. Are there any about?

  4. Glad to hear I'm being listened to!
    I love the water buffalo.