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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mabuhay: Cast and Crew but US for US Soldiers There Will Be Another Memo

Study this memo from our office and see if you can tell how perfectly Filipino is this welcome:

Reminders for US Cast and Crew – Arrival to Manila and to Bohol Guidelines

1. Upon arrival at the Airport, a representative from the International Press Center (IPC)
carrying the sign “BARYO” will meet you before you reach Immigration.

2. We have secured a special work permit for you; this will allow you to stay in the
Philippines for 59 days. In the case where Immigration stamps your passport with 21
days, inform Michael, who will meet you outside the airport, so that he can ask IPC
to have it changed to 59 days. For this process, you have to leave your passport with
Michael when you meet him, this may take a few days to accomplish. He will deliver
it to you in Bohol after the changes have been made.

3. IPC will assist everyone with Customs. For Judy, James and Mary, since you are
flying in with your equipment, customs will ask you to sign a re-export commitment
paper. Sign it. The purpose of this document is to waive the duties and taxes for your
equipment. You will show this again to customs when you leave Manila in March.

4. After immigration and customs, the IPC representative will endorse everyone to
Michael Cardoz personally. They will not leave you unless you are already with

5. Michael will assist you to your connecting flight to Tagbilaran, Bohol and will hand
out your ticket.

6. As you arrive at the Bohol Airport, after picking up your luggage, make your way out
to the parking lot. A driver for the hotel (Olman’s View Resort) will be carrying a

7. When you arrive at Olman’s, look for Aileen at the front desk and you will be assisted
and shown to your room.

Michael will give you an envelope containing the following:
1. Endorsement Letter from the International Press Center.
2. Synopsis of BARYO
3. ID issued by the International Press Center and the Film Development Council
4. Pocket money for terminal fee, meal allowance and a fund for excess baggage. Kindly
keep all the receipts for liquidation. Vanessa Ulgado, our coordinator in Bohol will get
these receipts when you arrive at Olman's View Resort.
5. A photocopy of the re-export commitment document (For Judy, Jaime and Mary)
REMINDER: Please pack light. Charge for excess baggage are as follows:
Excess Baggage rate is PHP100.00 per kilo plus Value Added Tax
For the Foreign-Based/US Cast:
Business Class is 30 kilos or 66 pounds
Regular Economy is 20 kilos or 44 pounds
Economy under promo is 15 kilos or 33 pounds
*As discussed: Excess baggage for Judy, Jaime and Mary will be shipped on airfreight
cargo unless, otherwise advised.
The usual TSA regulations apply.

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