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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Can Smell the Barn

We wake up by the river in Pittsburgh.
Neville Island where our Fairmont Hotel is located is industrial and less attractive than you might imagine from this photo. Very nice Maura at the desk helps me with an internet problem and after yesterday's sunset tour, we have nothing but good to say about Pittsburgh.
Leaving Pittsburgh takes awhile, across bridges
 and more bridges
 and more bridges
till you reach farmland all across Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the first superhighway in the US, if I remember the plaque correctly.
Wind power here too.

 We have had such a good time on this trip. So many days together, our time our own. We are both a little sorry it's ending.

All of a sudden, we can see the skyline of Newark and New York City.

 And then we're back in Hoboken.

We call Keetin in the office and she meets us in the Rite Aid parking lot where we transfer all our stuff to our old Subaru.
And turn in the Prius.
It's been good to us.

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  1. Thanks for taking us along your journey across the states. It was fun following your travels. But mostly, thanks for coming to Bmore and giving us such a great reading. The book is amazing. I am very much enjoying it, and totally captivated by it. Though at my current pace, I will be done some time in 2015.
    Enjoy your home coming.