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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks for the opportunity

One photo, many thanks.

Here are the players.
Anthony Arnove, social activist and John’s tireless literary agent. For two years he carted A MOMENT IN THE SUN- in two gym bags, John says- from publisher to publisher to publisher until finally he landed the big book at McSweeney’s.
Dave Eggers, author and editor, founder of McSweeney’s. He was the one who chose  MOMENT and liked it just the way it was.
Jordan Bass is the editor who made the book better, with John’s cooperation, which surprised all who know him. Jordan helped restructure the big book and even asked John to write a few new chapters to help the reader get oriented.
Juliet Litman was the publicist for the book and the book tour. Planning the tour with her was only fun.
Alan Horkey designed the cover of the book, whose beauty was remarked upon wherever we went. I liked it when the bookstores remembered to pile them up by the podium where they shined in the light. You can see where the design comes from by going to
Russell Quinn designed the website and continued to fill it up, and fulfill all the promised made to John, especially to include the photos he used in his research. If you are reading the book, be sure to used the website as a companion guide. You can find it at
I can’t find the name of the printer of the book, though I know it is an American company. They kindly made a special edition which Jordan gave to John. Here it is with abundant thanks to you all from John and me.

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