John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 minutes at the Normandy Hotel in Minneapolis

John is finishing the laundry and I'm catching up while listening to NPR.
Our pal Glenda Carino from Seattle just sent me a great photo from the reading at Elliott Bay, Seattle.
Here's John with Steve Earle. Steve is a triple threat these days, touring with the book and then with the music, and we just heard Treme is renewed for another season so he'll be back on TV as HARLEY.
You can learn all about him at Good luck, Steve Earle.


  1. Great blog, Maggie, a pleasure to travel with you. In reading an article on pioneering female war correspondents, I came across Anna N Benjamin, who scooped the Spanish-American war in Cuba and was sent onto the Philipines. Did you come across her in your research on the latter, given the paucity of information that the American public received?

    Regards, Declan

  2. Declan,
    I just asked John. He never heard of her. Where did you learn about her? What paper did she work for? In A MOMENT IN THE SUN John is concerned mostly with the Hearst and Pulitzer papers.

  3. The original article was in the Guardian Weekly (English) by Annalena McAfee.
    A further google dug up that she wrote for New York–based Leslie's Illustrated News. Enjoyed your visit to Adelaide, though it was a pity there was not more time for the audience talk at Amigo's showing and John's one to one with R de H.

    Cheers, Declan