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Monday, May 30, 2011

Denver and then on to North Platte

We are up early to say goodbye to Barb and Tom (did I really need to drink all that wine?) and the rain that came down all night is pretty solid as we drive over the North Platte and head towards Denver.
 It's an ugly drive in bad rain and all the color has left the planet.
Till we arrive in Denver at noon to a world of sunshine, and a Clear Channel interview with Irene Rawlings. What a musical voice, and a very nice lady.
Sorry about the sun, Irene.
John and I have time to drive to nearby Tattered Cover, and I remember that when we were making SILVER CITY in Denver, I came to a Sunday market here. Yes indeed, the Fresh Market is still on and we have an expensive gyro
and sit in City Park so John can prep his chapter for the reading.
This branch of Tattered Cover is new since we were in Denver

and it is right next door to an independent theater under new management, the Denver Film Center where AMIGO will open on 9/23. How's that for synchronicity?
We are delighted that so many people show up for the reading at 2pm on a sunny Holiday weekend. John reads "Volunteers" wherein Hod and Big Ten accidentally join the Colorado Volunteers.
Tattered Cover runs a well organized reading, overseen by these ladies

We meet Rob who is a PGW rep who works with McSweeney's.
Paula Singer worked on CITY OF HOPE and lives in Denver now.
And Mimi's friend Toni and I finally meet. She'll be at Mimi's 60th and I'm sorry to miss it.

When we were with Dave Eggers in San Francisco, I remarked that we didn't see many under-50's at the readings. Where are the McSweeney's regulars? Well here are two, who came to Tattered Cover.
Thanks for coming.

 We are finished with our work in Denver by 4pm so we get back on the road for the 4 hour drive to North Platte. Nebraska!
And the fog settles in so we could be on the moon. We lose an hour to Central Pacific Time and arrive in time to have dinner and go to bed.
We have recrossed the Continental Divide. We are no longer in the West.

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    I didn't go hiking