John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day Four, Porter Square Books

It's like coming home.
John and I lived in East Boston in the '70's and many of our friends turned out to see him. Holly Hesslop hosted a drop-in at Christopher's where we had a chance to catch up before the reading.
Porter Square is a real independent bookstore with local support . The reading was standing room only.
John read "Our Boys at Camp", using baseball (again) to show us America. He reads very well and his fans were proud. They included
Austin de Besche, cinematographer of RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS SEVEN, and Chris Cooper who has been with us in so many movies, including AMIGO.

This was a chance for longtime fans to meet John Sayles and have him sign not only A MOMENT IN THE SUN but also the "mother" books (the ones that spawned this big one) and their copies of the movies too. Even on laser disc! That's how far we go back.
 Nathan ran the show. He says in this economy selling 20 books was  outstanding.

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