John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Then we're off to London!

AMIGO is among the lucky films to be selected for some of the most prestigious film festivals in the whole wide world. First, Toronto, then San Sebastiàn, and now London Film Festival. Check out the link at to read the lucid description of AMIGO by our good friend Geoff Andrew and enjoy as I did the description "typically pertinent"!

These are the dates and times. Tell all your friends. Book now. We'll see you there.

Friday, October 15 21:00 Vue Screen 3

Saturday, October 16 13:00 Vue Screen 3

Sunday, October 17 15:30 NFT2


  1. Dear Sir,

    Good day!

    This is Hannah Petrache from the GMA7 News Department. Congratulations for the screening of your movie Amigo at the Toronto International Film Festival.

    In line with this, we would like to ask for your permission to use the trailer of the movie in our newscasts as part of a news item. Please feel free to contact me at regarding our request.

    Hannah Petrache

  2. Hello:

    I'm a writer and historian of the Philippine-American War, and also a big fan of your films. I'd like to cover Amigo in an essay for Harper's, which has expressed interest, and I wondered if you might have time to talk with me about it at some point. Thanks.

    Paul Kramer

    author, The Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States and the Philippines
    "The Water Cure," The New Yorker, February 25, 2008.
    Associate Professor of History, Vanderbilt University

  3. Hello there!

    I'm Mae Williams Founder and Operations Manager of Philippine Generations. We are an not for profit organisations that promotes the Philippines and the voice of under-represented Filipino minority in London and UK. We have about 3000 members and supporters in UK and around the world.

    I recently saw that you're showing the film 'Amigo' at the London Festival, it would be the first ever Filipino related film shown in the London Film Festival. Back in 2008 we attempted to show the film 'Tribu' Directed by Jim Libiran at the East London Festival but didn't go through.

    I am very interested to speak to someone about the film 'Amigo' and possibly open doors for other showing in London. From the trailer the film looks great! I hope to hear from you soon!

    Please email me on

    Visit our website: