John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Off to Toronto

It's a beautiful Fall day as I write from Clinton Corners, the place we call home, but we're so seldom there these days. I've been checking the weather so I can plan my wardrobe for TIFF:doesn't look good! I was hoping to wear my new Festival dress, designed by Gino Gonzales, but I have a feeling I'll be packing the Manila trouser and blouse combos my shopping assistants Melany and Cheska helped me to find.

Morgan Spurlock and a doc team are going to follow us around TIFF, profiling an "established" filmmaker as well as two who are new to TIFF, for a 15 minute piece to be shown on AMC. Morgan's producer Mala tells me this will be our 10th film at TIFF!

Thank you Piers. Thank you Noah. Thank you Cameron.

More soon from the chilly North.


  1. I hope after the TIFF there will be a release date in the US so that I'll be able to see the movie. I am very interested because I'm a PhD student studying Philippine history and one of my research interests is the American period. ALSO, I love Joel Torre!

  2. Joel Torre is pretty easy to love! And he is so good in AMIGO.
    We're hoping that after seeing AMIGO at one of the TIFF screenings, a US distribution company will pick up the movie for release in the US.
    Light a candle!
    And stay in touch.

  3. Right before we shot our first feature in Mexico in 2008, we heard that Honeydripper was premiering at TIFF. We bought tickets for various people we were working with and called it a company field trip. We wanted people new to working with us to be inspired & to see the work of people who inspire us.
    Have never commented here before, but really enjoyed this blog & think TIFF is lucky to have Sayles & Renzi represent their work this year. We'll be there on another 'company field trip' at tonight's screening and are spreading the word about AMIGO...
    All the best!
    Christopher Comrie & Samantha Swan,
    The Devil's Tail

  4. I'm happy you are enjoying the blog. I heard that often while we were doing press at TIFF. It's my first blog.
    It started so stately and now with our Social Media Expert Julia Pontecorvo it's a million times cooler.
    Everybody should have a SME like Julia.
    Thanks for your kind words. Hope you enjoyed the field trip. Next time, introduce yourself. Maggie