John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

AMIGO at Toronto Film Festival DATES!

AMIGO at TIFF World Premieres


First, two professional screenings to which the public is not invited:
Press &Industry 1 SCOTIABANK THEATRE 11 09/12/10 07:00 PM
Press & Industry 2 SCOTIABANK THEATRE 10 09/14/10 09:30 AM
Press see the film before it is presented to the public, to give the press time to do interviews with the cast and crew before the official premiere. "Industry" means film distribution companies, BUYERS, and we hope a lot of them will come to watch AMIGO.

We hope to be showing this movie to Filipinos all around the world, di ba?
 Then the three public screenings to which every Pinoy in greater Toronto should rush and get tickets.
Public 1 ISABEL BADER THEATRE 09/14/10 10:30 PM
Public 2 RYERSON 09/15/10 03:00 PM

We're not sure yet which screening will get more press, but at these first two John Sayles and I will certainly be in attendance to introduce the film. With JOEL TORRE! You will see Chris Cooper and Garret Dillahunt on at least one of those days, and I hear rumors about , D.J. Qualls, Yul Vazquez, Brian Lee Franklin, and Dane DeHaan coming too.


 TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 09/19/10 03:00 PM
If you are too late to get a ticket for 9/14 or 9/15 then you have one more chance, Sunday afternoon, 9/19. We'll be gone by then, heading off to the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain.
More details about both festivals as I get them.

Learn about getting your tickets here:

P.S. All Boholanos living outside Bohol! Don't be surprised if you hear from Mayor Jun Evasco of Maribojoc. I had dinner with him last night at MR on the pier in Tagbilaran (along with Cooper REsabal, Melaney Clarin of Clarin Ancestral Home, and the Mayor's son Bagani). he Mayor is going online to turn out the Bohol community far and wide for AMIGO which is SHOT ENTIRELY ON LOCATION IN BOHOL.


  1. Hi Maggie - Richard and I have decided to go to Toronto for the opening, but I can find no way to purchase Amigo tickets online. Am I missing something? Thanks - can't wait to see you!


  2. Sherry, I am so glad you guys are coming. Is your US Soldier Rainer Moore coming too, now that you finally have him back in North America?
    Have you tried getting tix at the TIFF site? That should work. Let me know. See you there. M

  3. I heard from somebody that tix aren't available till Aug 24?

  4. Dear Mr. Sayles,

    I'm an African American retiree living in Makati. I retired to the Philippines in 2009. One of my projected retirement projects was to write a screenplay based on the exploits of David Fagen, an African American soldier who deserted the US Army and joined the Filipino resistance effort during the Philippine-American War. I'm sure you know the story.

    In any case, I was attending a film festival talk by the screenwriter Paul Schrader early this year at the Market Market mall and, in the course of posing a question to him, I mentioned my project. Someone in the audience interjected that you were in the country already working on a film about the Phil-Am War that would deal with my topic. I knew of your work, of course, and figured that the maker of Brother from Another Planet, Matewan, Eight Men Out, The Return of the Secaucus 7, etc., would get it right, so I was simply beaten to it, and by someone oh so much more worthy than I to pursue it. I stopped working and, though tempted to come down to Bohol and see you (and try "specing" for a background part SAG card in hand), I'd resigned myself just to wait for your film to come out.

    Having seen the web-posted trailer, I suspect your film does not deal with the African American troops and certainly not Fagen. That's no knock on the film which I fully expect will be a fine one since it's yours. I was simply gutless in not pursuing my own dream. Now, I've got to reconcile myself to the fact that there's probably no market for a second film about this little-known historic event (if, indeed, there is much of one for a first such American-made effort, which remains to be seen).

    I have to go back and forth to the US due to family obligations in Chicago, but I want very much to be here in the RP when your film premieres here in what this blog tells me will be next February.

    I hope you and your creative team will entertain a question or two from me at that time. In the meantime, I wish you every possible success with Amigo.

    Yours sincerely,

    Roy Eugene Boggs, Jr.