John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

John speaks to students at SSFA

Sayles reads from novel and talks to SHS students about working as author, film-maker

John spent some time with about 160 Schenectady High School students in the Sayles School of Fine Arts Black Box Theatre in November.  He read from his novel “Some Time in the Sun,” and answered the students’ questions.    The Baryo production team will be sharing updates and dailies of the film with the students who have already received the movie script, pre-production materials, shoot schedules, scene and design information, character biographies and more.  

Before he began the staged reading of the book, he spoke briefly about a few of the characters, reminded the students that the book is set in the Philippines in 1898 and explores the  war between the U.S. and Spain over the Philippines.

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