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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hanky Panky Originals

Ever since I first visited Tokyo (1983?) I have admired these efficient little drying racks. Now I have my own, from the market in Tagbilaran.


  1. Looks like a bathroom chandelier.

  2. Don thought you were hanging meat.

  3. Obviously posted by guys. It's knickers!of many colors.

  4. There's history behind "Maggie's drawers". A part of basic training in army was learning how to shoot one's rifle with some accuracy. This involved a rifle range. While some on bellies shooting with instructors hovering others are out in the concrete target pits handling the targets. I think we pulled the targets down, communicated the hits and then raised target for next shoot. If shooter missed completely a red cloth was raised. With some derision implied this cloth was called "Maggie's drawers".

    Willing to bet this tradition came down through the regular army and may have gone back as far as the Philippine War.
    -John's father and WWII veteran,Don Sayles, as sent to Maggie