John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Launching AMIGO in Manila

We are happy to be back at Stone House. Remember our patio? Some strange weather brewing.
This is the staff at Star Tavern, Stone House resto. It's so good to see everybody again.
Origin8 has organized a press con (Filipinos like to abbreviate) at Dolcelatte. Joel was so hoarse from his party he could barely whisper his answers. Bembol pitched in.
Here I am at the Fully Booked press con with Erwin Romulo whom I have not seen since we met at a party Joel organized for John and me exactly two years ago. I now realize that Erwin is a Romulo which means he is Maritina's second cousin, among other of his relations I have gotten to know. And Erwin is the new Editor of ESQUIRE Philippines. Wow.
Lots of journalists with good questions for John.
Answer me this: Why doesn't the Philippines have its own crime fiction?


  1. Maggie, great to see/meet you two in Corvallis. Hope the read at Powell's was great! Just breezed thru Thinking In Pictures and rewatched Matewan! Must seem like another lifetime...special interest. My grandfather was born in those hills in 1898...ran away from home when he was 8 and never went back. Went to work in those mines as a waterboy...they said he was 'meaner than a snake' by the time he was 14. Couldn't not think about him all the way thru...great to see AMIGO is getting such a fine reception! All the best from Corvallis.

  2. Hi ! I just saw the Bottomline episode that you were in. I think your film's great, but first of all, thanks for making the film. :) It is indeed an unpopular war yet it says a lot about America and the Philippines.

    So, I just wanna ask if you could kindly post some screening details like the showdates and in which cinemas the film would be screening. Thank you very much!

    Btw, I just googled you and saw that you co-wrote the Spiderwick movie. I've seen it 3 years ago. It was good:) though off course when it comes to adaptations, books are always better. But good job.:) Any plans of making another Spiderwick movie? That would be great. :)

  3. wait, sorry is this John Sayles' blog? I'm getting confused. But if not and if u know him, kindly tell him my comment. :0 I'm excited to see the film!

  4. Answer to why the Philippines do not have their own crime fiction: Most of us know crime is there but we do not want to dwell on the subject expecially when "names" are mentioned because Filipinos live in a "culture of fear." These fears have been espoused by foreign colonialists who occuppied the islands and it still stays today under a new dimension.