John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

See you there

John and I have been here so long it feels like we live here. That was true after six months in Bohol, but now it is true even after only six weeks of living in Manila. Weird.
We run into people we know, all the time, and everyone we meet knows someone we know. "El mundo es un paƱuelo", that's what we say in Mexico.
We went Philippine Repertory Company production of EQUUS,  to see our CAPITAN NARVAEZ, Miguel Faustmann play the psychiatrist, and who do we see there? Our psycho-killer LOCSIN and his wife Maritina. We all go out afterwards and who do we run into? Jessica Zafra. She accuses John and me of stalking her since we were together there in Greenbelt 5 a couple of nights before. Max Luna III (cool moniker) joins us and we hear about the show he is choreographing. Who is the costume designer? Our AMIGO designer Gino Gonzales! And who are among the musicians for the show? Sammy Assuncion, our hegalong player.

We'll be there on Friday.

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