John Sayles' AMIGO and A Moment in the Sun out at last.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Big news. Say goodbye to BARYO and hello again to AMIGO. Our movie has a new title, but it's actually the first title, the name under which John wrote the script.

We (I) went through a period when I worried that AMIGO was too Spanish and I listened to the skeptics who said everyone would think John Sayles was making another movie in Mexico.

So we changed the name to BARYO and under that name we had such a special time making the movie, that I am half-sorry to say goodbye to it.

We've been screening versions of the movie at least twice a week lately, for ourselves and for our friends here, and it is clear the movie is AMIGO. The word "amigo" is used many times in the script, usually referring to RAFAEL, the head of the barrio, and it resonates after you see the movie in a way that BARYO does not.

Plus, as someone said to me, "amigo" is an international word by now, known all around the world, and is, just on its own, a friendly word.

So cherish your BARYO T-shirts and shoulder bags. They are collectors' items.
And spread the word:AMIGO.


  1. hello amigos,
    Well some of us will take any leftover Baryo or Amigo shirts that exist; the matewan jackets are frayin g....
    We folks back on the other side of the planet can't wait to see you all and await our own screening. I'm reading Eggers book just because he took our companero John's book on. So you can let him know that by choosing John he already has more readers of his own!

  2. I second the above. If I could get a Baryo shirt, I'd wear it everywhere. Also, when will Matewan ever reach DVD? That's my all-time favorite movie, above even Casablanca. My VCR copy is getting shaky.

    Can't wait for Amigo!

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