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Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Friday procession

Driving home in Dieter's multi-cab from our trip to Mag-Aso Falls, we were stopped many times by processions like this one, here in Maribojoc.  "When you find yourself in the place just right..."

And we saw BARYO/AMIGO friends, JP Jagnos (ELOY) outside the church in Antequera where throngs awaited the start of mass (and me in my wet bathing suit hiding in the back of the multi-cab) and Mimi Ventures in her BARYO T-shirt, watching the procession from Alaguay.
Every church and every neighborhood organizes a procession and we drove through them till dark, watching people along the way light candles in their windows and doors to welcome the processions as they came by.
Thanks for an unforgettable ride, Dieter.

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